The traffic code obliges the bikes to circulate on the right: a nonsense?

Yes. It is true that three motorcycles occupy the space of a vehicle. That, to maneuver them, it is not required the space that those need and that their capacity of reaction is more efficient, thanks to its size and acceleration.

But many times you don’t see each other. When traveling to a meter of the platform, usually located just in front of the blind spot of the right side mirror of the cars, buses and vans, and dispute them without wanting to want the little lane that corresponds to them.

And it is not by their own volition that they expose their lives that way. It is by mandate of the National Code of Transit, which, in its article 94, forces them to circulate to the sidewalk.

Will the drivers of bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, motorcycles be subject to the following rules, says the article in mention. They must travel on the right side of the tracks, at a distance of not more than one (1) meter from the sidewalk or shore and never use the exclusive roads for collective public service.

A proposal presented to the Council of Bogotá by several motorcycle groups and led by Guillermo Castaño, questions that measure, when it says that motorcycles have less grip than a car and on the edges of the streets is where dust accumulates more, Rubbish and objects of a different nature. (in addition), the white lines on the edge of the roadways are extremely slippery with rain.

Although the code considers it safer for motorcyclists to always move to the right without measuring the danger of collision that this represents due to the lack of foresight of the larger vehicles, it is more consistent when forcing them to advance on the opposite side.

(Bikes, bicycles, motorcycles) should not advance other vehicles on the right or between vehicles that transit through their respective lanes. They will always use the free lane to the left of the vehicle to surpass.

In practice, however, this means for motorcyclists to have to zigzag between cars, from the right platform to the middle of the avenue, to surpass them. That’s why they choose to stay where they go and pass swiftly, stuck to the platform, without measuring the consequences.

The standard also considers it dangerous for a rider to move to the left side of the lane behind the vehicle that covers it, but does not say anything about the one that sticks to the right: should they not hold on to another vehicle or travel near another larger carriage than or The view of the drivers who are driving in the opposite direction.

It is good that the rider does not expose his life, clutching the Plato of the truck that travels forward, much less by removing the nose to try to pass.

But what about the one who, for space, has no choice but to circulate narrow to the right of the lane, and is exposed to the bus that is shore to collect passengers in the middle of the block, or the car that crosses suddenly to enter a garage?

A motorbike is a vehicle that is at a disadvantage with respect to other cars. The only way to protect yourself is because of its mobility and responsiveness. When circulating a vehicle of 60 centimeters by a rail of one meter are cutting all possible routes of escape and maneuver of the driver, adds the document of chestnut.

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